Autism Awareness

    The Awareness Store offers a wide range of products for Autism including Autism Awareness Bracelets, Shirts, Necklaces, Pins, Hoodies and more from its US warehouse direct to the online world.

    You can shop for a large selection of products for Autism awareness month which is in April every year. World Autism day is on the 2nd of April but World Autism Awareness Week runs for 7 days from the 26th of March to the 2nd April.

    Our Autism awareness shirts are custom printed to order and sent directly to your door. We deliver to the US, Canada, UK & rest of the world.

    The Autism Awareness Jigsaw Ribbon was adopted in 1999 as the universal sign of Autism Awareness. The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the Autism spectrum. The various shapes and colors represent the different people and families living with the condition. You can see the jigsaw ribbon on our Autism Awareness Jewelry

    In April 2018 thew CDC released new data that confirms the prevalence of Autism in the US is increasing. The studies indicated 1 in 59 children as having Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) this number increases to 1 in 37 boys and decreases to 1 in 151 for girls.