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    Welcome to the number one awareness gift and merchandise website.
    We were established in 2014 with a sole mission of raising awareness for important causes world wide. We achieve this goal by selling a range of awareness products such as: t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, jewelry and more.
    Many of our products have custom printed designs that were created by our talented in house designers. You can be assured you will receive the best quality products with unique and original prints and designs. 
 supports Disease research
    You can feel good about shopping with! This page answers some frequently asked questions about how we are organised, what we do to support disease research, and why.
    Is  a nonprofit organization?
    No. is a for-profit company. Sometimes customers assume we’re a nonprofit, because we give a lot and offer loads of community resources on our websites and social media pages. Please read more below to learn why we chose to organise as a business.
    Why did we choose a for-profit model?
    There are many benefits to us running as a business, we aim to serve out community with a range of the highest quality products and awesome customer service! These business objectives are best served by a for-profit model.
    We are dedicated to supporting disease research and there are countless non-profit organisations that already exists with this purpose. If we had gone down the non-profit route we would be competing for the same grants, funds and volunteers. We felt it best to operate as a business capable of generating our own contributions for charities.
    So that’s what we did. competes in the marketplace as a business and because of this, we are able to achieve great results. Firstly we provide the community with high quality goods and service and secondly, at the same time raising funds for contributions.
    How does support Charities?
    Every year we make a generous donation to a variety of leading charities and organizations. We will be listing our donations and the recipients on this page so you can see exactly where the money goes.
    How does decide how much to give? donates a percentage of net profit to good causes. We have to make intelligent decisions in an every increasingly, competitive market and felt that donating a percentage of profit was the best way to do so. Because we operate as a business we have many overheads and costs that are variable. One of the main variable channels is advertising and marketing. This makes it difficult to award a fixed percentage of the product sale price to good causes as the profitability fluctuates a lot.
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    We are based in the USA but ship most products worldwide