Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

    The Awareness Store offers a large range of items for Pancreatic Cancer including Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Bracelets, Shirts, Pins, Hoodies and more.

    You can shop for a large selection of products for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month in November every year. World Pancreatic Cancer day is on the 16th November. We have the perfect clothing and jewelry to wear on fundraisers or day to day.

    The Pancreatic Cancer ribbon color is Purple.

    Our Pancreatic Cancer awareness ribbon clothing products are custom printed to order and sent directly to your door from our warehouse. We ship worldwide!

    Only 5% of patients survive - it has the worst survival rate of all common cancers and the average life expectancy on diagnosis is just two to six months. However it receives less than 4% of funding overall for cancer research. It is crucial we raise awareness for this deadly cancer.